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Legend has it that wolves are the only creatures on Earth who know where the Paradise is.

The planet enters the Ice Age, and people are living in domed cities encasing ruins.
They believed wolves had become extinct centuries ago, but that is far from the truth, since wolves learned to project themselves as humans in mind's eyes of people, and have in fact been living among humans for the last few centuries. They have hopes of finding a way to Paradise.

  I tell you now the words of Red Moon. From the Great Spirit was born the Wolf, and Man became his messenger. The Beast lives his life in silence abiding where the blessing of the blood of the Gods bestowed upon him. The White Flower, after winning the favor of the lord of the night will share her sent. Preordained and eternal in countenance, her form is of a lily white supple Maiden. She distills and condenses all of time until it becomes a precious frozen mass.

Hey guys! I'm making some changes to the site and might redesign it soon. Glad you're sticking around and continue to support Wolf's Rain
I am in search of a DVD boxset. Maybe someone reading this can help me. I'm trying to get ahold of Wolf's Rain - The Definitive Edition. I think it may only been released in the UK? Anyway, if you have one you would like to sell or know where I can buy it please send me an email. Gabriel @
Making a few updates. Adding and removing some things.
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I am okay, but all didn't go as planned. The one week stay in the hospital turned into 19 days. So, continue to follow the original guidelines of the font (permissions, emailing me, sharing what you've made etc etc). Thanks!
On 11/11/11 I will be having an operation. If this website is not updated within 1 (one) month than something didn't go right. If that is the case, than there is no need to email me asking to use the font, go ahead and use it. Hopefully everything goes as planned and I will update the site within 2 (two) weeks and we can go on about our business.
Due to recent events in Japan if you would like to know more information on how to donate or help please visit my affiliate site, NihongoUp. There are MANY ways to help so please do so!
Recently I got my Wolf's Rain art book in the mail from Japan.
I used this amazing site called Flutterscape! What Flutterscape does is it gives anyone not living in Japan a chance to buy things from Japan. You can even make a request like I did!! So if you've ever wanted to buy something from Japan, Flutterscape is your one stop shop!
p.s. if you don't like the snow on the site. kindly tell me. [email protected]
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Recently I partnered up with NihongoUp to share/explore/discover Japan and it's language.
In a few days I will post a review of NihongoUp and its awesomeness.
While you wait, why not sign up? It's free and a great way to begin your journey to learn Japanese
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Font and images are still up and downloadable
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I'll get to adding more and making the site more user friendly.
Ok, seriously. Am I the only person that has tried many times to get the wolfs rain art book and every time they do the transaction -- They happen to be sold out?
If any of you have a valid link to buy Wolf's Rain - Seeking Rakuen - *Toshihiro Kawamoto Art Works*
Please contact me so I can get it. I tried another site last week and they took the money out, but no book. So i have to argue with them soon.. Would be easier to contact Keiko/bones
Contact me
Hey Kids. I added some music to the downloads section(from my personal collection). I also added some DVD cover scans(personal collection)
If you have anything you want posted. Give me a shout.
I added a few wallpapers that I made in the download section. If you have a WR wallpaper that you would like up, Just contact me and I will be happy to post it.
So Now I am on my new theme/skin. There might be a few bugs here and there, but everything should be okay for the most part. I will continue to update to the new version and add as much content as I can. I will be adding more Image and Downloads.
I am redesigning this website because I think it needs to be a little more up-to-date
I would appreciate my visitors/fans opinion/suggestions.
You can check out a live demo of the new version while I build it, HERE
If you have any comments about V2 you can email me and let me know
I figure I cant legally sell the font because I would be sued by BONES, but it would be nice to meet them :D. I have almost 500,000 downloads. That would have been a lot of cash.
So If you do like it and would like to show your appreciation you can donate to me. Donate ANY amount, $1, $2, $5, $50, Whatever you want. I would appreciate anything for my hard work. You can donate to verified paypal
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Sorry i haven't been updating this little fan site lately. I have been very busy. I had to goto the hospital again for a month(may-april). I have a new site if you would like to check it out.
It's a website based on coding in Visual Basic 6. Downloads, Source Codes, Tutorials you name it i probably have it or can get it. I also have a forum. Its not just for coding. So come and joining my forum and have fun! Tell your friends.
P.S the font is a huge success and I'm getting hundreds of thousands of downloads... Damnit i should have charged a dollar per download. hahahaha. I'd be rich!. My next font is Motorola and ill be making a font out of my hand writing if i can write good enough to scan it lol
I do a lot of google searches. You guys are using the font more
then i thought you would. Thanks! does this make me a super fan? :-)
Downloads to date from Dafont:82034
Downloads to date from Deviantart:223
There are other sites using it ( without telling me !)
I don't know how many people download it from there.
Oh yeah. I have a Deviantart page. It's sorta new so don't expect much right now
Doc at DeviantArt

I try to update the site when i get a chance. I'm busy a lot.. With BLEACH and all! o_0
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