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Kiba "the leader" is a wolf who follows his instincts towards Paradise. When he was young, his pack and family were slaughtered when the forest where he lived was burned to the ground by Jaguara's troops. He was then raised by a shaman who told him that he had a purpose, explaining why the forest had sheltered him from the flames. The shaman told him that he would have a great journey ahead of him, and that journey was to find Paradise. Kiba begins his quest for Paradise in the hope that there he will find "a future". It is revealed later in the series that he is in fact the chosen one who is destined to find and open Paradise. Kiba tends to be impulsive and thinks with his heart rather than his head. He tends to be distrustful toward humans, and in the early episodes his pride as a wolf makes him reluctant to disguise himself as a human, but that changes when he meets Hige, who tells him that his pride won't count for much when he's dead. He's also utterly devoted to Cheza and constantly risks his life to protect her and steal her back from the nobles. After Earth's regeneration, Kiba is seen at a city in his human form.
Tsume is a rough, self-reliant wolf. In the past, he was part of a pack. However, one day his pack was attacked by Jaguara's wolf hunting troops and many of his family and friends were killed. During the fight, Tsume attempted to flee, leaving all of his dead and dying brethren behind. Because of this, the rest of the pack cast him out, and the alpha attacked him, leaving him with a large X-shaped scar across his chest. From then on, Tsume was plagued with self-hatred and didn't trust himself to be anyone's friend. For years he did not talk to, get to know, or trust other wolves, and became the leader of a group of human thieves. However, he eventually meets Toboe, a young wolf whom he calls "Runt" throughout the series, who at first seems to annoy him. However, Tsume later develops a soft spot for Toboe, who is the one who eventually convinces him to come with the rest of the "pack" to Paradise. However, he does not believe the stories of Paradise in which Kiba tells them, and claims he only follows the others out of boredom. He often finds himself in conflict with Kiba, finding his single minded devotion to be irritating. However, he does eventually become a believer and enjoys the company of his pack mates. After Kiba, he is the best fighter among the wolves and is more analytical and observant. At the end, he dies by helping Kiba defeat Darcia. He does not realize that he is dying until he tries to get up, but looks down to see his side and legs torn open. Before falling over he whispers "We shall meet again.... in paradise" in which after falling over, it shows the blood stain from his back on the rock. After Earth's regeneration, Tsume is seen at a city in his human form.
Hige seems to know how to function the best in human society. He tends to use his intuition more than the others, but only when he is not thinking with his stomach instead. Hige is something of a womanizer and is always on the look-out for a female companion. He starts off as a laid back joker, though he matures as the series goes on. His scenting ability seems to be the best of the pack. Before Hige met Kiba, he was brainwashed into being Jagara's lapdog by hunting and leading troops to wolves. The collar that he wears is actually a tag/transmitter that allows him to wander through Jagara's city and is always under surveillance. It also appears to be the thing that controlled him or reprogrammed his memories, as he was trapped in an endless migraine before it was shot off by a soldier. At least 22 other wolves were collared in this way (a soldier inspecting his collar refers to him as "Number 23"); many, if not all, of the others were killed after returning to Jagara's city. He holds a very close relationship with Blue. At the end he is fatally wounded by Darcia. While dying a slow, painful death, he convinces Tsume to put him out of his misery. After Earth's regeneration, Hige is seen at a city in his human form.
Toboe is the youngest of the group "14 dog years", often acting more like a puppy than a wolf. Toboe was raised as a pet by "Granny", an elderly woman, whom he accidentally killed in an unrestrained act of playfulness. The silver bracelets are all he has left of her. Toboe maintains an affection for humans that none of the other wolves can understand (with the exception of Blue). On one occasion Toboe saves Quent from freezing to death in the snow by sharing his body warmth with him, and is later grateful to discover that Quent has survived despite the fact that Quent immediately tries to shoot him. Toboe looks up to Tsume and usually follows him when the group splits up. He also seems to have the best hearing out of all of them. He often is more shy than bold, although when the pack is in dire threat his rage can stand beyond his timid nature and propel him ravenously into battle. An example of this is when the pack are crossing an ice floe and are attacked by a giant walrus. At first, Toboe is frozen in fear, but when it seems that the others are about to be killed Toboe suddenly attacks the walrus himself and manages to defeat it despite almost drowning in the process. Though he still acts like a puppy in some ways, the others now consider him an adult, and a valuable fighting partner. In the OVA series Toboe unsuccessfully attempts to protect Quent from Darcia and both he and Quent are mortally wounded. Realizing that it was Toboe who saved him previously, Quent finally understands that wolves are not evil and comforts the dying wolf as his own life ebbs away. As he dies Toboe has a vision of Paradise in which he is reunited with Granny and able to run and play as a pup. Later Tsume spends some time alone with Toboe's body and drops his tough façade to weep for his friend. After Earth's regeneration, Toboe is seen at a city in his human form.
Cheza is girl who is artificially created from a 'Lunar Flower' by the Noble Darcia the First using the lost art of alchemy. She slept in a bubble, waiting for Kiba, and she was awoken by the smell of wolf's blood. She shares a special bond with the wolves and is the key to finding Paradise. It is said by Darcia the Third that she is blind.
A wolfdog who was pet to the family of Quent Yaiden. After the destruction of her home and family in the village of Kyrios (Curious), she travels with Quent hunting wolves under the belief that they were responsible for the tragedy. She lives her life as a pet dog, unaware of her wolf bloodline. Upon meeting Cheza, the wolf in her is awakened. Unable to continue hunting her own kind, she leaves Quent to travel with the pack to Paradise. She grows especially close to Hige. During the fight with Darcia, she is bitten in the neck and killed by him. After Earth's regeneration, she might still be alive. She might be seen at a city in her human form.
A scientist involved in studying Cheza. She is fascinated by Cheza and desires to understand her and her purpose. She and Hubb were once married, but divorced after her work with Cheza became more important than her marriage. In one of the final episodes of the show, Cher dies when the cliff she is on breaks off and she falls to her death.
A police detective and ex-husband of Cher Degré. He is still very much in love with Cher and seeks to protect her, often half-jokingly asking if they still have a chance together. After Quent had shot Kiba, he was detained and questioned by the police, including Hubb, at which point Quent said that the animal he had shot was no mere dog, but a wolf. After hearing this Hubb began to obsess over the matter, and once he was given a copy of the banned "Book of the Moon" by Cher after she leaves to hunt Cheza with a commander of the army employed by Lord Orckam, he became completely and utterly enthralled with them, teaming up with Quent as he continued his search for Cher. His death occurs when he loses his grip climbing up a cliff in the next to last episode. He is seen inhaling a cigar in his final moments.
An ex-sheriff from the town of Kyrios. The destruction of his village and the killing of his wife and son Russe by what he thinks was a pack of wolves have led to his deep and abiding hatred for wolves, which is rivaled only by his perpetual desire for a stiff drink. He lives a life on the go with only Blue to keep him company and aid him in his pursuit of wolves to kill. After Blue discovers her relations to the wolves, Quent's suspicions are confirmed, and as he still struggles with his hatred for wolves, he decides that she is not his dog any more, but eventually accepts it towards the end.
The third generation of the Darcia family of Nobles, who were said to be cursed after Darcia the First disappeared into "Paradise". Due to his grandfather's curse, Darcia is now plagued with the eye of a wolf. He seeks to use Cheza to somehow revive his lover Hamona, who has been stricken with "Paradise sickness", in which her soul is "taken by Paradise", causing her to fall into a coma. But Hamona's death changes that plan, with Darcia mysteriously disappearing after the destruction of his keep until he resurfaces at Jaguara's city, the loss of Hamona driving Darcia mad. Eventually after avenging her death, he discards his love for Hamona, saying that "she is nowhere now", and assumes the form of a giant wolf, revealing his clan to be descended from wolves that chose to become completely human. Near the end, he walks toward what he believes to be paradise but is then incinerated, leaving only his wolf's eye. It is implied that after the Earth's regeneration, his eye polluted part of the world, preventing a perfect paradise from forming.
Part of one of the three feuding Noble Families. She fell in love with Darcia to the point of obsession but was rejected by him for her younger sister, something which she never forgave Hamona for. She began to set up an ancient spell used by Lord Darcia the First to create a 'Noble's Paradise' to please and lure Darcia to her, abducting Cheza from Darcia's Keep. In the process, she ordered the murder of Hamona and soon struck out to eliminate the wolves, who were heading to her domain. But her plan ended in failure when her plans were thwarted by the wolves. She was slain by Darcia while her city fell into chaos.

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